Watu user starters guide

Liveforce recently acquired Watu and are in the process of migrating Watu clients into the Liveforce platform.

Liveforce allows you to manage multiple companies within a single login! You can also download our Crew App to help manage all your work.

1. Migrating your account from Watu

When Liveforce migrates the data from Watu an email invitation will be sent out to you:

You will need to click on the COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION button

Please note. If it has been longer than 30 days since you received your email invitation the link would have expired. In which case go to the Reset Password page, add your email and follow the instructions to get access.

2. Create a password

You'll next be asked to create a password:

Click SAVE NEW PASSWORD and you'll be asked to log in to your new Liveforce account.

Click the LOGIN button to proceed.

3. Log into your new account

You can now log into your new Liveforce account using the email address the invite was sent to and the password you just created:

Please note. You will need to use the password created in the previous step and not what you would have used previously on the Watu platform.

4. Agree with Liveforce's terms and conditions

Read our T&Cs and Privacy policy, check the boxes and click CONFIRM.

5. Complete your Profile

🛑IMPORTANT 🛑You'll need to review your Profile data and complete any missing information before you can get new jobs from the companies you're registered with. 

We recommend reading our Getting Started guide from Step 2. Complete your Account Details onwards.

Need help?

The Liveforce Support Team are available to help with any technical issues you have while using the Crew App. Read how to contact the Support Team article for more information.