New Features

We have a bunch of new features we're planning to roll-out into the Crew App over the next couple of months. Details and screenshots are listed below.

We have also started building a Crew Committee to help input on a brand new Crew App design and functionality. To find out more about joining the Crew Committee then follow this link.

1) Job Board Updates

  • Design of filters and search have been improved
  • Filters will be separated each with individual functionality
  • Clearer design of how many 'jobs' match your search and filter criteria
  • Filters will be saved when returning to this page, when switching between different companies, and when you leave/return from the App
  • By default filters for "Roles" will match what you have selected in your Profile for that company, but can easily be overridden
  • Ability to change 'home location' so you can see jobs from any location you set (the new location will also be saved until reset or changed)
  • Default distance to be set at 100 miles

2) Job Map

  • View the Job Board results on a map indicating the location of jobs
  • Click on a pin to view the different Jobs and Roles available at that location

3) My Calendar page updates

  • Improved page loading times
  • Updated design to match Job Board layout including a status label (ie. "BOOKED") and job headline
  • Ability to search My Calendar page
  • Ability to filter UPCOMING tab by status (Suggested jobs, Applied, Booked, Invited)
  • Ability to filter COMPLETED tab by status (Approved, Paid, Pending, Disputed)
  • Filters will be saved when returning back to this page or when you leave/return from the App
  • Better highlighting of the number of "DISPUTED" items on the COMPLETED tab
  • When you close the Job Details window you'll return to the same spot on the UPCOMING or COMPLETED tab

4) Chat Updates

  • Ability to mute a chat (ie. stop push notifications and emails)
  • Group chat responses into fewer emails rather than getting an email for every response
  • Make sure you either receive a push notification or an email about a chat and not be sent both notifications together

5) Grouped Job Emails

  • When companies make multiple updates to a schedule (ie. book and invite you to more than one Job) you will be sent one email with a list of all this info rather than multiple emails

6) Profile Updates

  • Ability to delete your data and profile from companies that you no longer wish to have in your account
  • Ability to copy data between companies when setting up a new account

7) Miles or Kilometers

  • You'll be able to select if you want to see distances in "miles" or "kilometres" from YOUR SETTINGS page