Step 3. Complete the Company Details

Each company you work with will require details from you in order to be able to hire and pay you. Each company will require slightly different information. Please make sure you fill out all required fields.

1. Complete each field

Simply click into each field and provide the data required.

A red warning icon means that this section is incomplete and required data is missing:

The green tick means that this section is complete:

No tick means that the data is not compulsory:

2. Make sure all required data has been added

Required data are indicated with an asterisk * :

3. Select Roles

Select the type of Roles you're interested in working on:

4. Select Skills and validate

Select the Skills that you have. Some Skills require evidence to be uploaded:

5. Submit your Profile

When all fields have a green tick and Your Account details have a COMPLETE status the CONFIRM INVITATION or SUBMIT APPLICATION will become active. Click the button to proceed.

Please note. It is possible to be registered with multiple companies within Liveforce. For more information read
Multiple Companies article.

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