Notifications explained

When you have a new message you will receive a push notification, but messages will also be stored in the app.   The bell icon lets you know how many messages you have.  

1. Click on the bell icon

2. Your messages will be displayed in INBOX or UNREAD depending on their status.

There are two types of notifications; Messages and System Notifications.  Click on either one to expand and gain more information. 


Messages between your company and colleagues sent through CHAT will be displayed here. They will have the message icon next to them and will have the title of the job that is being discussed int he messages. You can also respond here.

System Notifications

This is where you can find all notifications sent to you alerting you to jobs, or changes, or disputes.  System notifications have a bell icon. 

You can then select "View Job" to see more information about the job you have been notified about.