Applying for Jobs

You can apply for Jobs via the Job Board

In order to access the job board you need to have completed all your Account Details  and Company Details. Once you have searched for a job  you can then apply.

Select Apply

Once you've clicked APPLY the company will review you application and either accept or decline. Until then your status will be APPLIED

If you are accepted

If you are ACCEPTED the role will turn GREEN and you will receive a push notification to let you know.

If you are declined

You will receive a notification if you are declined. 

IMPORTANT: Liveforce do not make decisions about accepting or declining roles, this is down to the discretion of the company you are looking to work with, and any questions about speed of accepting, or why you have been declined must be directed to them.  We suggest contacting the Primary Contact from the Job Details. 

Jobs we think you will like

If an company posts a job on a job board and you are a good fit the LIveforce Crew App will suggest you apply by creating a post in your MY CALENDAR called JOBS WE THINK  YOU WILL LIKE

Click to open these jobs

Click again for more details of each job

Review the details and if you want the job, simply press APPLY

The job will have an AMBER APPLIED Status

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