Check In and Attendance Explained

When you are booked on a job you will need to 'Confirm your Attendance' and 'Check-In' at the job location prior to the job start time.

Confirm Attendance

18 hours before your job starts you will be sent a notification to confirm your attendance. Open the App and from the MY CALENDAR page click the CONFIRM ATTENDANCE button on the relevant job card.

When you have confirmed your attendance your calendar will show a CONFIRMED status.


On the day of your job, you can check-in when you are within 500 metres of the location and within one-hour of the job start time. When you're ready click the CHECK-IN button.

Liveforce uses your GPS position from your smart device to check your location. You may be requested to give the App permission to know your location. 

Once you've successfully checked-in your calendar will show a confirmed status.

Please note. Not all companies will expect you to complete these Tasks. Contact each company to understand their own policies.

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