Cancelling a Job

If the company you are booked to work with allows auto cancellations then a CANCEL JOB button will be visible at the top of the Job Details tab.

If this option does not appear you will need to get in touch with the PRIMARY CONTACT to organise your cancellation.
Please note. Each company you work with will have their own policies and terms around cancelling jobs and you may incur a fine. This is set by each company and not something that Liveforce can control.
Please note. Every cancellation is automatically recorded on your profile with details of how long was given before cancelling.

Cancelling a Job


2. Select the job

3. Click CANCEL JOB link

4. Give a reason

This response and the amount of time before the job start time will be added to your Profile.

5. CONFIRM cancellation

A yellow confirmation message will let you know that the Primary Contact will be notified of the cancellation. The job will be removed from your MY CALENDAR page.

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