Completing your Account Details

The Account Details contains basic information used for your Liveforce account.

1. Complete each field

Simply click into each field and provide the data required.

A red warning icon means that this field is incomplete and required data is missing:

The green tick means that this field is complete:

No tick means that this field is not compulsory:

2. Make sure all required data has been added

Required data are indicated with an asterisk * :

ISSUES SAVING THE PAGE? If the page won't appear to SAVE it's because one of the required fields has been missed. Most commonly it is the TITLE or AVATAR within the ACCOUNT DETAILS section (not your address).


3. Add your address

Add your address using Google street address lookup. If your address can't be found enter it manually. Learn more about adding your address.

4. Complete Account Details section

When all fields are complete Your Account Details will show as COMPLETED.

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