Adding your home address

It is important to add your home address correctly in your profile.  The Liveforce Crew App uses Google Maps to search for your home address. 

1. Navigate to address

In PROFILE select "Your details" and scroll down to enter address.

2. Input address

Type your address into "Address  1", google maps will automatically search for your address and give you options in a drop down list. Select the correct address and that all fields with an * are complete, when they are the save button will turn red.  Press SAVE.

3. Select SAVE

Your address will now be saved.

Adding Address Manually

Occasionally your address may not be found. You can add manually by selecting  ADD ADDRESS MANUALLY button as seen above. 

To solve this you can try to input your postcode into "address 1".  If that doesn't work you can add your address manually  in "address  2."  Makes sure the postcode is correct to be able to SAVE