Set your Unavailability

It's important you set your unavailability to let companies know when you are can't accept work.

Perhaps you are going on holiday, or returning to studies. Whatever the reason, in MY CALENDAR there is the opportunity to set your unavailability.

Setting your Unavailability

1. Open MY CALENDAR page


Option is visible in the bottom-left of the MY CALENDAR > UPCOMING page.

3. All-day?

By default 'All-day' is set to NO meaning you are making yourself unavailable between a particular time range on a specific date.

If you want to set yourself as unavailable for an entire day then change this setting to YES.

4. Set start and end date

Pick a start and end date.

5. Set start and end time

Pick a start and end time.

6. Save unavailable period

Once you've created your range click ADD UNAVAILABLE button to save.

7. Confirmed

Your unavailable period will now appear in your calendar.

Remove Unavailability Period

Click the X button from MY CALENDAR page to remove an unavailable card.