Working for Multiple Agencies

It is possible to work for different companies that use Liveforce and manage them all within your Liveforce Crew App.

You do not need to fill out all of your information each time. If you've already registered with one agency and are looking to quickly update your profile for others then this guide will show you how.

1. You receive an email from another agency inviting you to join.

The email will look something like this:

2. Click JOIN THE TEAM.  

This will take you to the Liveforce platform where it will recognise you already have an account. 

3. Enter your password to log in to your Liveforce Crew App. 

This will log you straight into the app.

4. View Company Details

Under this new agency there will be a COMPANY DETAILS section just like the first time you signed up to Liveforce with your first agency or company (as we explained in this guide). 

In this example the new agency "Walls Productions" has invited this crew member. The status of the application for the new agency is INVITATION

To save time filling out all this company information again select the first agency you signed up with - or any where the details are complete/ACTIVE. In this example the crew member can use the information in "Penny Events."

5. Select ABOUT YOU

Within each section you can effectively copy/paste information already saved. Starting with ABOUT YOU if you scroll to the bottom you will see the option to SAVE AND UPDATE ALL COMPANIES


Select SAVE AND UPDATE to complete the section. It will then have a

7. Move onto the next section and repeat the process. 


This shortcut works for the following sections: About you, Emergency Contacts, References, Work History, Payment Details and Compliance

It doesn't work for Employment Status, Roles, Skills, Attributes, Additional Info or Legal Stuff which will have to be updated individually as different companies will have different requirements.


8. Confirm Invitation

When all fields are complete and each section has a you can then CONFIRM INVITATION.

Another message will prompt you to confirm, select SUBMIT

9. ACTIVE Status 

Your status will now be ACTIVE with this new agency.

Video Tutorial

If you would prefer to watch a video to explain this process, you can watch this tutorial.

Other Video Tutorials

Check out our YouTube channel for other helpful videos:


I wasn't invited. If you haven't been invited but have applied to another company via their website the process will be slightly different. You will have seen a page similar to this asking you to apply.

When you input your email Liveforce will recognise you already have an account the same as step 2 above, and ask you to enter your password the same as step 3. 

This will mean your status will be slightly different as you are making an application rather than accepting an invitation.  As in this example the status will be APPLICATION 

You can use the same shortcut to update information for all agencies.  When all fields are complete select SUBMIT APPLICATION. 

The company you have applied to will have to ACCEPT or DECLINE your application as we covered in this guide: Step.4 Account Activation