Getting Invited to a Job

There are a number of ways of getting work via the Liveforce Crew App.  For more information on how to search for jobs and how to apply for jobs have a look at our Job Board Guides.  

In this article we explain what it means to get invited to a job.

Being invited simply means Admin would specifically like you to work on a particular job and can invite you directly within the app.  This means you don't have to apply.

1. You will receive invite notifications

In CHAT there will be a notification alerting you to the invitation. Click "View Job" for more information.  You will also receive an email 

You will also receive an email that will look like this:

Click on the links in the notifications for more information about the job.

2. Calendar view

The job you have been invited to will also be in MY CALENDAR.  It will be blue  which means an action is needed.  It also says JOB INVITATION.

You can click on the job for more information, or press ACCEPT straight from the Calendar view.  We recommend you look at all job details before accepting.

3. Job info

Here you will have more information about the job, fee breakdown and role description.  The status will remain blue until you DECLINE or ACCEPT the job. 

4. Decline or Accept

When you have reviewed the invitation simply select DECLINE or ACCEPT.  If you ACCEPT the job status will turn Green which means you are now booked on that job.

If you DECLINE the job will be removed from your MY CALENDAR.

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