Submitting a timesheet

How do I submit my timesheet?

Your timesheet will automatically be submitted after you have finished a job. Unless you make any changes, the timesheet will automatically have a status of PENDING APPROVAL.  It will stay as PENDING APPROVAL until its is APPROVED

If there aren't any changes to your hours you do not need to do anything. 

How do I change my timesheet?

Timesheet's are automatically approved at the end of the job, but you have 72 hours to make a dispute. A dispute means anything you do not agree with and think should be changed. If you worked more (or less) hours you have the ability to change the hours in the timesheet as long as the status is PENDING APPROVAL. The company you work for  also have the ability to change your and approve your timesheet. In this instance your timesheet will be APPROVED and you won't be able to dispute this via the app. 

Liveforce do not pay Crew, if you have any queries regarding pay you must contact the company you worked for.


2. Select the COMPLETED tab. 

3. Select the job you wish to review

The app will tell you how long you have remaining to dispute your timesheet before it is approved by the company you worked for, and then cannot be changed. 

4. Click onto the hours and use the scroll option to change the times to reflect what you claim to have worked. 

5. You will then be asked to SUBMIT DISPUTED TIMESHEET. 

If you are happy with the changes, press this button. You can use the "Activity" section to communicate about changes to your timesheet. More on this below. 

This will need to be reviewed and cleared by the company you worked with. Until then the status will remain PENDING APPROVAL.

6. When it is approved the status will change to  APPROVED

Then you just wait for your hard earned cash to roll in! 

IMPORTANT: Liveforce do NOT pay staff, we do not run payroll or control when staff are paid.  ANY questions about pay, salary, and when you will be paid must be directed to the company you worked with directly.

How to use "Activity"

You can use the "Activity" section to communicate with the company about any changes you are making to your timeheet. In this example the crew member worked an extra hour so noted this.  

1. Write your message

2. Press SEND

The message will then be recorded in the app like this example below.

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