Holiday Pay

All agencies and companies have a different policy regarding Holiday Pay.  This is set per agency and not by Liveforce.

Holiday pay is only applicable for EMPLOYED Crew (not self-employed)

Depending on which agency you are working for, the way you receive holiday pay will differ.  All details of salary, expense allowance, subsistence and holiday pay will be displayed in the fee breakdown section in job details. 

Where to find details of your holiday pay

Your holiday pay will be in the FEE BREAKDOWN section of any job you have applied to or been booked on.  You can find these in Upcoming Jobs or Completed Jobs in MY CALENDAR - this article explains more.

Agencies can decide whether to INCLUDE or EXCLUDE holiday pay from the salary. Where it is excluded, Liveforce will calculate and add holiday pay at 12.07% for UK companies only 

Example of Job Details salary with INCLUSIVE holiday pay

In this example Crew was employed as a Producer for an hourly fee of £20 and a total of £160.  The holiday pay was calculated as part of that fee, so the base rate pay is £140.69 and holiday pay £19.31 = £160 total.

Example of Job Details salary with EXCLUSIVE holiday pay

In this example, Crew was employed as Producer at a rate of £20 per hour for an 8-hour shift. The base pay is £160 (£20 x 8) and Holiday Pay has been added at £19.31 = £179.31 total.

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