Salaries and Fees

This article explains the difference between hourly and fixed salaries, subsistence, expenses and holiday pay. 

Although these are all managed within the app, Liveforce does not set fees, or pay wages, or make decisions about subsistence or expenses. Any questions of regarding pay must be directed to the agency you worked with. 

All the information about salary, subsistence and expenses will be in the  FEE BREAKDOWN section of Job Details, which you can view on MY CALENDAR > UPCOMING.


There are two ways your rate of pay will be set by the company you work with. You will either be paid by the hour or have a fixed amount. 


The amount per hour will be displayed here as well as the amount of hours you are expected to work with a total.  These hours can be adjusted on the timesheet after you have completed your shift.  Your pay will be affected depending on the hours you worked. See Submitting a Timesheet for more information.


The amount you will be paid in total with expected hours.  The hours could go up or down but you would be paid the same amount. 


This is an allowance that is given to you by the company you are working for, and is usually for things like food or travel.  It is a set amount and cannot be changed.  You do not need to collect receipts for subsistence as it automatically gets added to your total wages. 


If a company allows expenses and they have allocated an amount you are likely to spend, they will input it here.  Expenses are any costs incurred in order to do the job.  This could be travel, or a specific item of uniform needed.  Some companies may allow food as an expense. These are all set at the discretion of each company and is not something Liveforce has any control over.  Any questions about expenses must be directed to the company.   In order to claim your expenses you will need to collect receipts and upload them to the Liveforce Crew App within 30 days of completing the shift.  You can read more information about making an expense claim here

Holiday Pay

All agencies and companies have a different policy regarding Holiday Pay.  This is set per agency and not by Liveforce.

Holiday pay is only applicable for EMPLOYED Crew (not self-employed)

Depending on which agency you are working for, the way you receive holiday pay will differ.  All details of salary, expense allowance, subsistence and holiday pay will be displayed in the fee breakdown section in job details. Read this article for more information on holiday pay.

Agencies can decide whether to INCLUDE or EXCLUDE holiday pay from the salary. Where it is excluded, Liveforce will calculate and add holiday pay at 12.07% for UK companies only 

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