Getting Paid

The company you worked with are responsible for paying you.  Liveforce do not pay staff or crew, do not accept or dispute timesheet or expenses, and we do not manage payroll or accounts.  Anything to do with these issues must be directed to the company you worked for.

There are a few things you can do to make sure you get paid swiftly and correctly.

1. Complete timesheets & expenses correctly

Make sure you have submitted your timesheet and made any changes you believe should be made within the allotted 72 hours.  Make sure you have applied for your expenses within 30 days. 

The following articles will help with this:

Submitting a Timesheet

Making an expenses claim

Disputing a Timesheet

2. Make sure bank details are up to date

Make sure your correct bank details are up to date in the app

In Company Details for all the companies you are registered with, scroll to PAYMENT DETAILS.

 Check your bank details are correct and up to date.

Don't forget to SAVE changes

3. Contact agency or company

Any issues about pay you must contact the Primary Contact of company you worked with